Self Pay Rates

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All fees include professional interpretation

New Pricing Effective March 3, 2023

All Ultrasounds..... $300

Routine X-rays..... $100

X-ray of orbit for detection of foreign body..... $25

Cardiac Scoring..... $100

CAT scan - no contrast*..... $300

MRI - no contrast*..... $400

MRI - with FLEX & EXT..... $500

MRI Brain/Orbits..... $800

MRI Brain/IAC..... $800

MRI Brain/MRA..... $800

MRI Brain/Pituitary..... $800

MRA Brain only..... $400

MRA Neck only..... $400

*$100 will be added to all studies ordered with contrast

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No Insurance?

For individuals who do not have insurance coverage, Advantage offers low self pay rates for all radiology exams including MRI and CT. Advantage's rates are a fraction of what other imaging companies offer.

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