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A CT (computerized tomography) or CAT scan is an X-Ray technique that produces images of your internal organs, bone, soft tissue or blood vessels that are more detailed than those produced by conventional X-Ray exams. This non-invasive test helps physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions. CT scans use an X-Ray generating device that rotates around your body, and a very powerful computer to create cross-sectional two-dimensional images of the inside of the body. Some exams require the use of a contrast before or after the scan. The contrast medium, taken either by mouth, enema or intravenously, helps emphasize blood vessels and other structures.

How should I prepare?

You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam. Depending on the exam you may be asked to change into a gown to wear during the procedure. Depending on the procedure, you may be asked to remove jewelry and/or removable dental work.

Each exam has different patient preparation. You may be asked not to eat or drink anything for several hours beforehand, especially if a contrast material will be used in your exam. Please inform our staff if you have any known allergies and are taking any specific medications. When you schedule your exam our friendly staff will provide you with any specific pre-exam preparation.

Women should always inform the CT technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant.

Fujifilm's Supria Plus CT is now at Advantage Diagnostics

Our CT has advanced clinical capabilities and unique features to provide a more comfortable experience for all patients, from pediatric to adult to elderly, and offers:

  • Advanced lower radiation dose capabilities 
  • Stellar image quality
  • Large and wide opening
  • A lower table that allows for easy access by patients in wheelchairs
  • More clarity in visualizing metal structures and surrounding anatomy
  • Powerful 3D visualization tools
Learn more about the new low dose CT here »

CT Scan services are offered at the following locations.

  • Beachwood


No Insurance?

For individuals who do not have insurance coverage, Advantage offers low self pay rates for all radiology exams including MRI and CT. Advantage's rates are a fraction of what other imaging companies offer.

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